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cup, which that race is ongoing on the opposite side of the bay. and a lot of these folks obviously going to be heading into san francisco for our big play-off weekend for the giants. so let's show you what we got in terms of our temperatures. what you're going to notice out here, you're going to want a light jacket. it's a little chilly outside right now. and the winds have been a little gusty at times. they've been seeing the winds picking up. a we look at some of the conditions as we go into tonight, we will see temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s outside. and we may actually have a little bit of patchy drizzle in a few spots around the bay. that's something we're going to be watching as we get into tomorrow morning. the other thing we're watching is an area of low pressure, which is sitting offshore that is going to try to toss a few showers towards the bay area. the big question is will these arrive in time for all of the weekend events we've got for this bay area's big weekend? everything outdoors depends on the weather. it's cool and breezy. we'll walk you through the chances of seeing a few showers maybe popping up in our seven-day forecast. we'll have that for you in the full forecast when we come back
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here live from the flight deck of the uss macon island. back to you. >> very nice. rob mayeda from the flight deck there. great vantage point for him. to read about all the events through the weekend, and how to get around and avoid the delays, even the up-to-the-minute weather changes from rob mayeda and our weather team, go to our website,, or follow us on facebook and twitter. fill up and pay up. gas prices across the bay area spiked overnight, crossing the $5 a gallon mark. >> the big question is why. part of the blame is in the bay area. the recent richmond refinery fire. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us this evening in concord. not much of a choice for most of us, jodi. we rely on our cars. but when will these prices come down? >> reporter: that's anyone's guess. some actually think the prices may go up even more. rotten robbie here in concord had to raise their prices 24 cents in just a day, according to the owner. that is the biggest one-day jump they have ever had to make.
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and if you think the prices you see right here are bad, compared to other gas stations in the bay area, this may actually be a bargain. call it sticker shock. gas prices acrosshe bay area have reached near record highs. in some places, breaking the $5 mark. >> it's going to be $6 soon at the rate this is going. people can't afford, that even if you're wealthy. >> reporter: aaa's says pump prices in the bay area are the highest in the state. they say pipeline problems and refinery outages, including reduced capacity at chevron's richmond plant following the recent fire there have caused prices to soar. >> all of that put together has created this perfect storm and has driven prices up significantly because there is this perceived reality that we are in a shortage, that there is a shortage of gasoline. it's a tightening of supplies. >> reporter: that tightens of
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supplies has meant a need to tighten the belt for many, causing some to cancel weekend road trips and dinners out. >> if five gallons could get me somewhere here and back twice, i'd be happy. but it's only going to get me there and back one time, and i'm going to come back and put another $25 in my tank. it's going to be ridiculous. >> definitely having less money for other things i would want to buy or spend money on, i'm having to spend on gas instead. >> reporter: scott claire spent $130 to fill up his big work truck today. and he says it won't last long. he'll have to fill it up again come monday. >> you know what? i can probably afford to keep filling it up, but there is a lot of people that can't. >> i remember when my parents used to talk about how gas used to be $2, $2.50, $3. today a full paycheck is a full tank of your gas. >> reporter: and that hurts. we are back here live at rotten robbie. yesterday morning the price of a
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regular gallon was $4.35 a gallon. as you can see now, it's now at $4.59. aaa tells me that refinery that was experiencing an outrage in southern california is now back online tonight, and there is hope that that may stabilize the situation. but for now, prices continue to hover at the $5 mark. reporting live in concord, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. decision 2012 and a seismic shake-up thanks to some economic news. for the first time since president obama took office, the nation's unemployment rate is now less than 8%. the unexpected news seemed to buoy the president on the campaign trail, who took advantage of the announcement that the american economy created 114,000 jobs last month. >> more americans entered the workforce. more people are getting jobs. >> this country has come too far to turn back now. >> conservatives, though, took
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to social media to accuse the obama administration of doctoring those numbers. republican nominee mitt romney did not go that far, but did say the reason for drop in the unemployment rate is because americans have just stopped looking for work. the mom accused of abandoning her 10-year-old daughter inside of a local safeway store after a botched shoplifting attempt was in court today. and nbc bay area has learned investigators believe this mom did the same thing just go weeks earlier and got away with it. the prosecutor says marci ariko pulled the same stunt at the same morgan hill safeway store. the difference is the first time she allegedly went into the store with her daughter instead of waiting outside the whole time. a loss prevention officer with the store said he recognized both mom and daughter the second time around. today she was officially charged with a felony count of commercial burglary and a misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. >> you know, it's a very sad
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situation, very sad. i mean it's the -- it's the person who is supposed to be nurturing you, and instead it's a corruption. >> her public defender asked that she be released on her own recognizance. the just denied that request, pointing how she has already fled. she is back in santa clara county jail. bail is set at $50,000. she is set to enter a plea october 16th. one year ago today, a gunman opened fire on his coworkers at the lehigh cement plant in cupertino. the early morning shooting rampage left three people dead and seven people injured. the gunman, shareef allman fled from the quarry and hid in a sunnyvale area. more than 100 officers descended in the area tool fundamental they spotted him in her driveway. she still has bullet holes from where deputies opened fire on allman. >> the shots range out. we heard three rounds of shots in quick succession.
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and we were hunkered in the bathroom waiting, and the police told us to come out about five minutes later, and he was dead. >> allman died on her driveway. an autopsy later revealed he was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. today employees at the cement plant honored their murdered coworkers with a moment of silence. they also paid tributes to the victims by visiting a memorial garden at the plant. it has plaque with the names and faces of the three coworkers who were killed. it reads "rest in peace, our brothers." time goes by quickly. >> was also one year ago today that steve jobs passed away. his legacy around the world is well documented. but it's legacy here where he grew up and lived that is more special. among the few local reporters who dealt with steve jobs throughout the years, our own scott budman. scott, an emotional day for those who never even met him. >> as cool as it was to get one-on-one time with steve jobs,
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it's to see how much has happened to his company. steve jobs setting the table for so much when it comes to design of products and how companies deal with and sell their products to customers. in the one year since jobs' passing, apple has flourished. the tech industry has grown, and people are eagerly looking forward to what is next. >> i think apple itself, apple the company is the biggest legacy for steve jobs. he built it and he rebuilt it when he came back. and i think you can see that everything they do in their approach to advertisement, their approach to design, in their approach to how they deal with their customers. >> there is also the bottom line. lots of people said new ceo tim cook wouldn't be flashy enough or creative enough. but customers aren't complaining. they're too busy buying gadgets. and investors sure aren't complaining. apple's stock is up close to 70% over the last 12 months. it's a combination really of what jobs was able to do while he was here and with the company
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that was clearly prepared for the next step has been able to do since. now tonight at 6:00, what a young billionaire in silicon valley has to say about the lesson of steve jobs. back to you guys. >> very nice. i notice when you go on to the apple website, the first thing that pops on is that video tribute to steve jobs. >> he will be remembered. cancer is typically thought of a something that attacks women. and this grand opening in san francisco today. the mad frenzy and take you inside. and i'm rob mayeda here watching fleet week on the top of the uss macon island as we watch the weather very closely for all of our outdoor events this weekend. the big bay area weekend for sports on the seas, in the air. we've got you covered with your forecast this weekend, coming up. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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the promise of inexpensive japanese clothing drew thousands to a new store opening san francisco's union square today. a whole street had to be blocked off for shoppers lined up for the grand opening of uniqlo. it's the first west coast opening for the popular retailer. it features inexpensive japanese fashions with a techie twist. the company says the new store will employee 500 people, and it has plans to open dozens more in the u.s. the doors to the new and improved san jose civic auditorium opened today, and city leaders are hoping the $15 million in renovations will attract new crowds to downtown. >> two, three! >> the new upgrades include a $1 million sound and hd video system, plus, saddle leather seating, and four times the number of rest rooms.
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actor/comedian george lopez is performing at the civic auditorium tomorrow, and he was supposed to speak at the ribbon cutting ceremony today, but organizers said his flight from southern california was delayed. >> hopefully you'll back. when is george lopez on tomorrow night? already sold out. >> it is. >> but scalpers, you can probably buy some tickets. so welcome. thank you all for coming. congratulations to our team that put this together. >> mayor chuck reed said the project was funded mostly by redevelopment dollars. since 1936, the san jose civic has hosted legends from frank sinatra to the rolling stones and bob dylan. the oakland a's have shocked the rangers and the baseball world, and they are the al western division championship. unbelievable. >> as we enjoy watching this wonderful team celebrate this championship here in san francisco. >> champagne sales in the bay
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area, and bud light sales is a gone through the roof on both sides of the bay. what a time to be a bay area baseball fan. remember back in 2003 we did this. the giants and a's in the play-offs. it's happening again. both teams begin their journey toward the world series tomorrow. and we have team coverage of the play-offs. our kate longworth is in detroit following the oakland a's. but we begin with jaymee sire. on a scale of one to ten, how cool is your job right about now? >> reporter: i give it about a 10, raj, absolutely. and the excitement is definitely starting to build here at at&t park as both teams holding workouts today. but tomorrow you know it's going to be just electric here. and matt cain will be taking the mound. we know how just dominant he was in 2010, not giving up an earned run the entire postseason. and his teammates and both he are very excited to be kicking things off tomorrow night here at at&t park. >> this is one of the toughest
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first round matchups you can have. in fact, i was thinking today in every first round that we've been involved in since i've been here, we've either matriculated and gone on to the world series, or whoever has beaten us has gone on to the world series. very, very tough team. and especially with their pitching staff and bull pen. you know, the old adage, we're going to have to pitch and play defense and hopefully get a good early lead and protect it. >> reporter: and one of the only questions facing manager bruce bochy today regarding his starting lineup was who was going to play left field. and he did answer that question today, saying gregor blanco will get to start in left. of course the a's also ramping up for their first game in detroit. that's where we find kate longworth who has more from comerica park. >> reporter: well, jaymee, it's pouring rain here at comerica park. but before the rain came in, the
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tigers and the a's took the field for their workouts. tomorrow it will be jarrod parker who gets the start against the tigers' invest stin verlander. parker is the first rookie in athletic history to start in game 1 in the postseason. he is also the a's second youngest pitcher behind vida blue to get the nod for the coveted first game. although the right hander is a rookie, parker has the composure of a veteran. >> it means a lot, obviously. i don't want to put too much into it and make it out to be a huge, huge thing. we know it's a big game. and every game from here on out is huge. they have been for the last two weeks for us. so, honestly, i'm honored and what not, but i just want the move on and get ready and be as prepared as i can. >> reporter: and going up against the tigers' potent lineup, jarrod admitted to me that the a's may appear to be the underdog. but he said he really relishes the fact that all season long the a's have been kind of the
5:17 pm
david versus goliath, and it's served then well so far. i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area news. >> very good. kate longworth inside that dugout, where it is raining as she said in detroit. the giants also get ready for tomorrow. kate and jaymee are part of the team at comcast sportsnet. tune in an hour before first pitch and immediately following the final out for in depth coverage on csnbayarea and csmcalifornia. the action is heating up on the water. that's where we find laurence scott who has more on the america's cup racing. hey, laurence. >> reporter: it is a beautiful night here, and a great day of racing on the bay thus far in the match cup competition. a little bit of intrigue. a little bit of surprise as both oracle team usa teams were competing. both pushing for giants. but one of them not too happy right now. take a look. the bay area is playing host to some of the best sailors in the
5:18 pm
world. 11 boats from eight countries on super fast ac-45s are fighting it out in round two of the america's cup world series. and the crowds this weekend will be some of the biggest ever to watch america's cup racing in north america due to the fact that it's fleet week here in san francisco and an estimated one million visitors will be packing the shoreline for the annual displays by the united states navy and the blue angels. and those huge crowds will also see some of the top skippers in the world humming some of the fastest boats on water in fleet and match race competitions. and one of those skippers, the winningest sir russell coutts leading his oracle crew against the swedish artemis team in the first match race. the oracle supporting the giants with the sf logo on their boats. and in what looked like a victory coutts, it was ruled he had not correctly rounded four. so he was disqualified.
5:19 pm
so artemis advances to face jimmy spithill's oracle usa team. and so the final four and the championship finals of the match racing competition all set for saturday on the bay. and now coming up at 6:00, we will go 25 years back in time to look at the 1987 america's cup where dennis conner and stars and stripes took the cup back from the awustralians, what wer you doing in 1987? i think i was doing my algebra work. >> i was there in san diego watching it in the late 80s. >> i was doing my math homework as well. >> laurence son the water. kate longworth is in detroit. jaymee is at the ballpark. rob is on the uss macon island. rob, take it away. >> that's right. we're up here on the flight deck of the uss macon island. great view watching the air show a bit earlier. laurence has you covered on the water. we have you covered at least from the flight deck up.
5:20 pm
just over my shoulder, you can see some of the helicopters there. the seahawk over to my right. that is a vertical tilt rotor osprey. it lands like a helicopter and takes off like a helicopter and flies with the propeller blades forward like an aircraft. a bit of a hybrid machine on the uss macon. this ship may not look like a prius, but it kind of is in the navy. it's a hybrid of sorts. it has both a diesel electric. and as you can hear here live, they're also doing tests. we've got the bay bridge there in the distance. and way on the other side of the bay, you've got the america's cup race, which is still ongoing at this hour. so how does all this tie in with the weather that we're seeing right now? it is cool and breezy outside. some of our current temperatures will show you that we've got some 50s and 60s around the bay. we'll be cooling off quickly as we head into tonight. the winds, well, there is some good news for you. we're seeing winds of 15 to 25 miles per hour, which is good news for the america's cup. and as we look at fleet week,
5:21 pm
the forecast there looks good. we're going to see a mixed bag of clouds for the afternoon. some patchy low clouds, followed up by mid level and high-level clouds as we head through the afternoon. the america's cup, well, there is the best forecast. we're going to see the winds like clockwork working through the afternoon. winds picking up at times. we'll see temperatures also in the 60s. of course, we got the giants with the national league division series coming up against the reds. plan on a light jacket for that game. we'll see some breezy conditions. temperatures in the 60s. and lastly, the 49ers forecast. while you're looking at football weather, temperatures in the upper 60s, partly cloudy skies. i do think we're going to get through sunday without any issues. but there is a upper low sitting offshore. by the time we get through the end of the weekend, we'll see an increasing chance of seeing a few showers around the bay area. it looks like the best chance right now will be sunday night as we head into monday. some of the forecast numbers as we go through the day tomorrow should see low to mid-70s around parts of the south bay. east bay temperatures maybe some mid 70s by livermore. but nothing like the weather we
5:22 pm
had just a little while ago earlier this week where everyone was in the 90s. not the case this weekend. continued cool. back over to. you'll see temperatures mainly in the mid-60s. the seven-day forecast is going to keep things cool for the weekend. it does look mainly shower-free, except towards sunday evening on into monday. that's when i think we may see a few showers in the bay area. this will be after our big bay area weekend. so take your pick on where to go. and if you want to come to the uss macon island, by the way tomorrow from 9:00 to 4:00, they are hosting some tours. you can not miss this ship. it's parked right before the bay bridge. the big number 8 on the side. they will be doing tours from 9:00 to 4:00 tomorrow. that's a recap of pretty much everything weather-wise related to the bay area's big weekend. so far so good. looks like a lot of fun to have this weekend. the weather should be cooperating. >> a lot of history on that air carrier. it was so neat to see. >> what if we don't have tickets to anything. can you watch it on tv? >> you can watch it on tv. but the tickets are free. so just stand in line. you can go on the ship. and the air show is free.
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a startling new report about the human papilloma virus, the most common std in the country. a report found the number of hpv head and throat cancers is rising, especially in men. 15 years ago, the typical throat cancer patient was an elderly man who drank and smoked heavily. now it's men and women in their 40s and 50s who never smoked and rarely drank, but are infected with hpv. we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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